Cyclone eAtlas - IMD
Tracks of Cyclones and Depressions over
North Indian Ocean
1891 - 2019
Government of India
Ministry of Earth Sciences
India Meteorological Department
Regional Meteorological Centre
The basic data for the software Cyclone eAtlas-IMD on Tracks of Cyclones and Depressions in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea was generated based on the official records of India Meteorological Department, containing the tracks of cyclones and depressions which occurred over Indian Seas from 1891 onwards. IMD has undertaken all steps to ensure that the information contained in this software is true and correct. However, IMD does not accept any responsibility for any loss suffered by the user as a result of reliance upon or use of this information. The Department will not be responsible or liable for the outcome of a decision based on the products generated through the use of Cyclone eAtlas-IMD.