Cyclone eAtlas - IMD
Tracks of Cyclones and Depressions over
North Indian Ocean
1891 - 2019
Government of India
Ministry of Earth Sciences
India Meteorological Department
Regional Meteorological Centre
About Cyclone eAtlas – IMD
Tracks of Cyclones and Depressions over North Indian Ocean
(from 1891 onwards)
*      Cyclone eAtlas – IMD is an electronic atlas on Tracks of Cyclones and Depressions (C and Ds) over the North Indian Ocean during the period from 1891 to the latest year.
*      The Help menu links to the Cyclone eAtlas – IMD: User’s Guide which details the various output products that can be generated using this software.
*      Technical Note (Cyclone eAtlas – IMD) gives the technical details of various input parameters and methodologies adopted for computations.
*      Broadly, two types of outputs can be generated from this Atlas namely Display of tracks of C&Ds and Statistical information on formation, dissipation, movement, speed, direction of movement, recurvature, coastal crossing and intensification of C and Ds.
*      Display of tracks of C&Ds is based on two types of inputs as indicated below:

(i) View by general selection: The tracks of C&Ds satisfying the following input options given by the user are displayed: Year(s), Month(s), Basin(s) / Area of Formation, Intensity (level), Intensity (Type), Basin(s) / Area of Dissipation, type and belt of coastal crossing.

(ii) View by specific selection: The track of a single CD is displayed based on the identifier selected by the user using the search options on Year, Month, Basin and Intensity.

*      Statistical information can be generated either in Map form or in Tabular/Graphical form.

(i) Map form statistics

Statistics on Frequency of C and Ds , Frequency of Formation and Dissipation of C and Ds, Percentage frequency of Direction of movement of C and Ds, Mean Direction, Scalar and Vector Speed of movement of C and Ds, Frequency of recurvature of C and Ds, Frequency of coastal crossing of C and Ds between two coastal stations can be generated in Map Form for every 2.5 longitudinal * 2.5 latitudinal grid.

(ii) Tabular / Graphical outputs

Annual monthly / seasonal frequency, Percentage frequency and Probability of intensification can be generated in Table form or as Bar Diagram for various Basins of formation and Intensity options. A Consolidated list of C and Ds can also be generated in a Tabular form.

*      Altogether Eleven Functionalities or Main Menus are provided to generate the above outputs.